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First day proper of trip, disaster overcome

Close call!

26 °C

Thursday 30th May, I left home early to make sure I met Rick on our trip to Manchester Airport, little did I know of the upcoming drama and stress. My train stopped just outside Leeds station, where it remained for almost two hours due to a person threatening suicide in Leeds Station. During the two hours I was relatively calm, calling Rick, stuck at York Station and getting him a lift to Leeds, calling Cathay re alternative flight options, not having a heart attack! JC eventually drove us from Leeds to the airport and managed to get us there with time to spare due to his driving, very much thanks appreciated. Painless trip be honest.

Arrived HK, met family, Matilda has grown and can run! Watched rugby toys training, visited an island for seafood lunch, helped with furniture removal and just tried to get into local time before flight to China. 7AF1A221-EFA1-468A-8C6B-403DAE087A5D.jpeg9700E9BD-A7CF-4040-A64C-6CDABC411F3F.jpeg5800D71A-4CA6-4C97-BC9F-2AB73853F120.jpeg111E5D26-A577-4606-87E0-398C495A1EDA.jpeg21428D93-F62B-4D8B-90E5-56670ACC04C7.jpeg
Long trip followed to Urumqi via Shanghai, more later.

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Bad Boys back together again

Planning and all that

rain 9 °C
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Despite the pain of our last trip (great fun actually!), Lick has agreed to rejoin the Bad Boys Tour for Part 2. We have agonised for weeks over destinations but finally agreed to travel to North West China to follow some of the old Silk Road and surrounding sights. Transport arrangements have been severely delayed because of poor customer service from Lastminute.com, an alternative flight took six weeks to arrange so we couldn’t book anything else until we knew that part was confirmed. However they have finally gotten their act together so we have now built on our itinerary. It hasn’t all been plain sailing with our latest travel booking site either but we are getting there slowly, two steps forwards and one back at present. There isn’t much time left, less than one day, itinerary revised to take account of some local travel developments, but it looks like we have something that should work, we hope!

We did some training at the beginning of May but hope for no rain on tour, in fact it could be very warm Around Turpan and Kashgar by the desert.




We can hopefully update you during the trip but political sensitivities may prevent regular entries but we do hope to show you some amazing places. The map shows our projected route and mode of transport. See you all soon, Hong Kong first stop with our Morrisons shopping goodies!

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